LEAN 100


is the ultimate fat burning strategy

Are you tired of 

Are you struggling with this excessive layer of body fat ? 

It took me 13 years and thousands or workouts , hundreds of books to read  ,

dozens of classes study ,

hours of consultation and coaching with world champions and professional athletes ,

several hours a week speeded cooking in the kitchen to create this strategy .

I `ve  had reshaped my body several times to find the safest way to do it .

I`ve walked a long journey to dilivered this to you who one to get this and change your life as well !

fit 1 self 

Shred 100 body

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Get into the best shape of your life 

healthy and steadily 

losing unnnesesery body fat.

With this science proofed 

approach to happier and balanced 

lifestyle .

Exercise plan 

Meal plan 

Suplement plan 


Cheat sheet 

Cardio guide 

Mental guide 

Workouts and diets proofed by bodybuilders , powerlifters and physique competitors 

designed and adjusted for beginners,advanced people 

Are you struggling with your current shape and excessive body fat ?

Do you want to change your physique to that chiseled ,healthy body that you always dreamed of ?

Everything is created and tested by real athletes and backed up by science 

There is no easy way  ,but there is a smart way !

Burning body fat is a slow and steady process , that need to be slowly and carefully followed for a maximum results and effectiveness without relapse or quiting !