Beginner  100 

the first gym guide ever created for beginners


Are you in the begging of your journey ?

Do you have less then 2 years  of consecutive experience in the gym ?

Are you  confused of what to do  and who to follow ?

Don't worry I have a helpful guide for you 

Every beginning is hard and consist huge uncertainty and instability , but don't be intimidated you are on the right path.

Bro science can be tricky at  times and 
Fitness industry is floated with advice that are not systematic or science proofed.
Don't worry I was  there too !

Rookie 100

My name is Svil Rus -

I'm a certified personal trainer determined to reach back and help 

the newcomers to the gym .By creating Rookie 100 I've combined 13 years of training and learning experience in this guide to educate and ease the journey of you the beginners .


Education is very important component  in the process of creating the body that you want  , while training hard you need a  get better understanding of what is happening inside your body ,what processes are occurring and etc.

I got my degree of Biology sciences from the University of Sofia.  

Following the right leadership is also very important I got  lucky to meet World champion of bodybuilding and workout in a hard core powerlifting gym full of "Animals " that gave me the best motivation and knowledge to develop the right set of skills .

Here is some of  my rookie years pictures  and progress that I  achieved. 

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I created Rookie 100 to help and support and guide you in this amazing journey of yours witch include :

100 days 

  • Workouts (full video gallery )

  • Meal prep  and understanding 

  • Common training mistakes to avoid

  • Benefits ,Tactics and Risks of training

  • Suplement guide

  • Mental development of training 

  • + Bonus +


  • Cardio guide 

  • Stretching guide

  • Human Anatomy guide   

Here are some of the the hard working people that I`ve helped 


Vanya M.

Vanya M.

" I've been following his advise from the beginning of my fitness transformation and results just change my life and whole perspective over training "



Make this your own.

Add the content you want.



Make this your own.

Add the content you want.



Make this your own.

Add the content you want.

Warming up guide ! Stretching and yoga guides ! Most important tips and tricks !

Fit 1 self 

Rookie 100

Benefits with this plan you are going to get  :

1.Build a strong and consistent habit

2.Get better understanding at

your body `s Anatomy and psychology


3.Establish yourself a healthy warming up and stretching technics .


4.Build a foundation for a long lasting habit that will transform your life


5.Get ready to lift your self confidence


6.Live a healthy lifestyle 

7.Achieve the fist stage of

your dreamed  body.

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Are you ready to learn and explore the world of healthy living and happiness ?

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