Muscle Building 

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hormonal Balance?

How much to eat ?

What to eat ?

importance of Rest !

When to eat ?

How to utilize your body to gain muscle

There a few major aspects of muscle building , this is a very important process that depends on a hormonal balance , workout strategy , eating and recovery habits all at the same time .The first and most important thing is consistency , if you want to get the maximum out of your body you should consistenly put a lot of hard work into that goal .It's not an easy task and deffinetly will not happen over night ,so prepare your mind for the journey and follow this blueprint to success.You will need to give 110 % in the gym as long as you can lift another rep you should keep pushing .As important as training is eating and sleeping that will actually determine the size and the quality of your gains.Without any of this components you won't be effective as you could've .

Food 40 %
Sleep 20 %
Training 20 %
Supplements 10 %
Consistency 10 %
If the Process of creating the dream physique is metaphor of building a house ,these are the building materials that you will need to Sucssesfuly build your own.
Sleep  Sleep Sleep 
Exercise Training
Great Body

How much you should eat ?

Well this is the fun part you will explore your body to the point where you keep your nutritions a bit over what you need , to help your body build this muscle mass you should create a calorie surplus , witch mean to eat 200-300 calories more then you need on a daily base .Is crucial to keep that balance going because if you eat a  little bit less  that you wouldn't be able to gain as much as you want , but there is the other side of the coin where if you over eat meaning too much of nutrients ,your body will store that as a body fat witch is going to inhibit that process of building mass due to hormonal imbalance  ,so figure out how much you need according to your life style would be very important .For a base line you might use this formula of creating your diet .Or especially protein intake would be very important for you gains. There We created a this chart to show you what a major reaserch and years of building muscle gained lead us to.

Recommended  for sedentary lifestyle

Recommended for active lifestyle

Recommended  for 




g/ per kg of Body weight

0.6-0.8 g /kg



g/ per lb

0.27-0.36 g /lb
1-1.2 g /kg
1.6-1.8 g /kg
0.4-0.5 g /lb
0.72 -0.82 g /lb



g/ per kg

2.6-3.3 g /kg
3.3-4.0 g /kg
4.4-5.5 g /kg



g/ per lb

1.2-1.5 g /lb
1.5-1.8 g /lb
2.0-2.5 g /lb



g/ per kg

0.2-0.45 g/kg
0.45-0.65 g/kg
0.4-0.9 g/kg



g/ per lb

0.1-0.2 g /lb
0.2-0.3 g /lb
0.2-0.4 g /lb
*Recomedation are based on average  of FDA,WHO and a Studied of bodybuilders daily nutrient intak as well as personal experience and years of bodybuilding diets.

Any excessive amounts may result  to :

Increase urea production ,kidney stones ,body fat gains ,osteoporosis, hearth problems.

Storing excess body fat ,increasing BMI ,Risk of Diabetes ,Obesity , hearth conditions.

High risk of obesity ,hypertension ,high blood pressure , hearth decease ,osteoarthritis ,stroke ,respiratory problems,   

Example : 180 lbs (81kg )  Man with goals of bodybuilding will eat daily ~130 grams of Protein , ~360 grams of Carbs , ~40 grams of Fat 
witch is ~2,320 kcal.(5-10 grams of fiber with the food are essential choice for good digestion and health )

When should I EAT ?

Here is of the most specific feature of a muscle building diet and this is timing , for the goal of gaining muscle mass you should supply your metabolism with nutrients every 2-3 hours  thought out the day since the moment you wake up until you go to bad .Very Important here is to understand how metabolism works and to keep it fast needs to eat small portions ,so your digestive system is able to assimilate them quickly and not getting stuck .If you eat big meals will slow down your metabolism and most of the exesive nutrients  will be disposed to  waste products. So if you have  a regular meal cut it on half ,the fist eat now ,the second in 2h hours time to ease your digestion and get the most out of your food and muscle gains.   Combining the foods groups together will allow you to keep your insulin level steady and help you with the muscle gains ,so avoid eating just carbs alone ,but have a protein shake with them .Important meals are the one 40-50 min before workout   that should continue protein and slow digestive carbs to give you fuel exclusively during the exercising ,

and the other one is right after the workout that should consist fast digestive carbs (honey, raisins ,sweets ,banana ) combined with protein shake (whey , Component ) .As well as the meal before bed witch should consist slow digestive protein (egg albumin, milk casein ) and healthy fats (yolks ,nuts,peanut butter ) very importantly without carbs for healthy sleep.

What should I EAT ?

You meals should contain quality food ,so forget about process and frozen foods full of additives ,preservatives , dyes , emulators and ect. Lean meat like chicken breasts , fish ,beef are the best source of protein .Carbs from oats , potatoes  ,rise and fruits are best and sources of healthy fat like nuts, olives,avocados,pheanut butter, almond oil and nuts are also important.  Your sources of protein ,carbs ,fats, fibers and vitamins should come from fresh ,organic ,non-gmo , grass fed ,free range  products as possible. Balance your diet by adding all of the nutrient groups and try to avoid any sugar and processed foods that will simply crank you blood sugar and leave you craving for more of them , you need to understand that keeping your blood sugar steady through out the day will allow your body to repair the muscle tissue that has been destroyed during you workout and put you in a state of anabolism or muscle grow .





Why  You need every nutrient  ? 

Balancing them all is a very important task that you should master ,each of them have an important role for your optimal body functions , let's give an example like without a fiber you would not be able to utilize protein ,without a fat you gut flora and brain health also hearth will be in deficit ,without the carb you are hardly get to ketosys state and will lose track of the muscle grow process .Vitamins and minerals are important for all the above as immune function and ect. So consider eating them all on a daily basis. 

Non Preservetives
No sugar
Free Range
Fresh foods
Tip : Because of the great amount of food that you should consume every day ,it is a normal event your levels of hunger and satisfaction to decrease sometime so consider taking a day off of the diet twice a month and a day of liquid fasting once a month .That will improve your mood and give you the motivation and hunger back on track.

Hormonal balance and  control 

For the goal of building muscle you should know and understand this hormones that are responsible for the following functions.

Testosterone ,Growed hormone , IGF -1 , Insulin , Cortisol ,Epinephrine ,Glucagon .


Is the major male hormone responsible the muscle building and androgenic features. Testosterone Is produced from testicals and adrenal glands in male and ovaries and adrenal glands in females . This principal male hormone is both androgenic and anabolic respectively give a male characteristics and growing of body tissues . Naturaly with aging levels are decreasing as well as lean muscle mass and bone density . Exercise or  working out is the natural way of increasing this hormone as well as balanced diet rich in nutrients and excluding proceed food is important as well as keeping body fat  between 8-13 % is crucial  and the best you can do to keep your natural levels high . If you manage to balanced this components you will benefit from natural high levels elevated mood , motivation and improved health . Lower level of testosterone in men might be followed by muscle mass loss ,moodiness ,depression , anxiety ,gaining  body fat and or weakness .   

Grow hormone and IGF-1

Grow hormone is produced by pituitary gland in the brain and is named the master hormone while regulating all other endocrine glands secretion. Growth hormone is responsible for cell reproduction and  cell regenaration , blanacing muscle mass and preventing muscle loss ,as well as regulating body fat levels. Naturally human growth hormone is produced during the sleep in the highest amounts and during intense workouts .In muscle building growth hormone circulating in the blood stream hits the liver and it is stressor for   the IGF-1 (insulin like growled factor ) that affect the protein synthesis in the skeletal muscles. It has the ability to turn muscle cells into a hungry state witch increase protein synthesis and muscle growth. It triggers a pathway with ( mTOR ) witch is "switch " like to protein synthesis .But that pathway is  increasing fats burning  properties as well .In order to get all that going on you should make sure to train hard ,promote sleep of 8-9 hours and eat organic foods .


Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas gland in response to glucose digested in the bloodstream and it's functions are to break down the food that enters the body (carbohydrates and some proteins ) in simple sugars stored in the liver and muscle cells as glycogen.So also know as the warehouse and allows glucose and amino acids to reach the muscles and liver for immediate energy supply .It has an important role of muscle building and blood sugar levels also fat metabolism and storage . Regulating of insulin rely on diet and activity levels . 


Also produced by the pancreas gland , It has a mirror properties of the insulin ,when fasting state is occurring glucagon gets signals the store glycogen in the liver or break down muscles to use it as fuel or energy supply .Characteristicly is a catabolic hormone opposite of the anabolic insulin functions. 


Is a stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands in response to physical or emotional stress .His functions are to reduce or control inflammation and tighter with glucagon is able to break down muscle tissue (catabolism ) to suply with energy when  blood sugar is depleted .In excessive levels of overtraining cortisol production can affect the thyme gland and lower metabolism witch will decrease the defensive mechanism of the body and increases risk of diabetes,canser and illnesses .


Epinephrine or Adrenalin is also catabolic and stress  hormone responsible for "fight or flight " reaction witch constrict arteries and raise blood pressure .Opens up airways and deliver oxygen more effectively while raising your pulse.In heavy training helps ,but also have its risks and should be carefully regulated as a catabolic hormone. 

Rest and Sleep

So here we are to the last and very important part without proper rest and enough sleep we will not be able to gain the muscle that we'd been working so hard to get .As we said earlier Human Growth Hormone , Testosterone and all the catabolic hormones are going to be in proper balance only if we take our recovery properly witch means 8-10 hours od sleep (if you could have 1 hour nap in the middle of the day would be helpful for the recovery process also ) and the quality of sleep is as important as the quantity .

So there some very important thing that you should look up to when considering quality sleep :

Temperature : the best tempetarute is a little cool then most people so 60-70 Farenhait ( 16-22 Celsius ) ;

Darkness :the amount of light should be limited as possible ,so consider getting tick dark shades or eye-patch to promote the ultimate darkness's ,because the photosyntesys has light and dark stage ,as part of the natural cycle of nature we need to sleep during the night 22:00 - 7:00 o clock ,if that is not possible for your lifestyle get in control of it or use a eye patch .

Noise : A lot of people are used to sleep with the TV on or listening to music or just noisy environments ,but that is doing no good for you at all ,you really need to turn everything off , get you phone away from your head and body (since the radiation that emits )  the allow your brain the proper rest and natural process of healing you need to sleep in quite as possible or if that is hard to do just use ear plugs that will assure you are sleeping deep and undisrupted.

Food : So if want to get the bet sleep you should cut the carbs few hours before bed time ,if there carbs in your system will be burning and energy prosses will be disrupting you ,What you want to have before bed is a healthy fats as avocado or coconut oil ,may be phenol butter and a slow digestive protein casein from eggs or as supplement .The fats will boost you brain and hearth function and proteins will supply your muscles during the sleep.

Removing the distractions : In now days in the era of social media and electronics we get easily distracted and the blue light that those monitors emit is messing with our natural cycle of sleep ,signalizing our brains that need to be active ,but is doing no good for us at all ,if wanted to maximize your recovery an hour before bed ,read a book of sudoku like game that will allow your brain to natural gets to a tired state of so needed recovery.

Suplements : Consider uptake of zing ,magnesium suplement ,omega 3 (few times a week )

 and may be melatonin (not more then one a week ) to improve your sleep.

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