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Congratulations for being here , for just took the first step to become a better version of yourself 

Get your self the body that you always wanted

Loosing fat is an exiting and achievable goal .In the beginning of your journey you have to mentally prepare yourself for steady process in order to be healthy without a relapse and extreme fluctuations in your weight .Your lifestyle will slightly change overtime and you will adopt balance and healthy habits that will bring you the satisfaction and happiness that you are strive for .Strarting from your diet going to a steady pace of activity ,working out and doing your favorite activities more offen than before . 

Let's see what is stopping you on your way 

On the way to this journey for balanced and healthy body you may have go detoured in unhealthy and even toxic habits that are on your way to better lifestyle.

Eating processed  food , adopting an addiction to smoking cigarettes ,drinking alcohol or eating  sugar  is for sure not the way to become a better version of yourself , I KNOW its pretty hard to admit or change such a unhealthy habits ,but this is the best to do so via exercise and exchange those habits for a good ones.It is a process and after that your future self will be thankful to your today self for doing it so.In fact today  over 66 % of the US population and 33 % tf the world population are overweight or obese .Witch is a serious problem that consider our special attention and willing to help and support people to get rid of this excessive fat and be healthier .Don`t worry reading this article and page means that you are a step closed to get better.

Why body fat is dangerous for your health ?

Numerous studies prove that having a excessive % of body fat is affecting your health and normal function of hearth and cardio - vascular system ,nervous system ,reproductive system , brain health . There are a lots of risks for beign overweight or obese as high blood preassure , Diabetes -2 , cholesterol imbalance (high LDH,low HDL) , osteoarthritis (break down of cartilage of joints )  , gallbladder disease , stroke and affecting your emotional state. Considering of losing some weight is possible and will decrease the all of the above risks .  

Beginning of your journey 

first thing to do would be to begin activity ,so steadily  begin exersice and pick an activity that will not overwhelm you ,but will keep you sweating ,than reduce 

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