Motivation guide

Why healthy means happy ?
What is holding you
from your dreams ?
Why change is hard for us ?

The motivation problem

In the base of our existence are sore crucial instincts for our survival as a species .Human being are the only species that can mentally hold themself from enjoying  living and experience anxiety and depression in that form in fact some captivated animals can also partially  get into a state similar to ours . But being depressed, anxious or demotivated  are a complex conditions in most cases associated with lack of nutrients , experiencing dramatic events , loosing will for life  .Most of this condition are leading to social isolation ,lack of nutrients ,loosing goals and restricting activity patterns or addictions that worsen the states of the depression or anxiety .But as humans we all have good and bad moments in our lives and tend to overcome them all. There is no shame of that at all ,it happens more often  in today's  high demanding society with overcorrected people and highly overwhelmed by technology and sedentary lifestyle also high expectations we tend to loose the foundation of our existence. Luckily reading that your are on the right pat .


The Foundations 

As complex  humans as we are ,we belong to nature and we are part of a bigger ,picture witch require much simpler demands to sustain a healthy life .As simple as it is oxygen, hydrogen , carbon and nitric are basis elements that created life and all of the surrounding enviorment .Processes like breathing ,photosynthesis ,activity and eating are crucial for our survival and only one of them missing creates a imbalance that can change or ruin our lives .

Taking care of your body is an important task that everyone of us should get seriously and master its own bodies  . To be healthy is a complex task of a balance that is  supposed to be carefully managed between biological ,spiritual ,social and purposeful  aspects of life.



What do you eat ?

How much do you move ?

Who do you love ?  

What is your meaning and purpose ?


Your future self

will thank you for the decisions you made today ! 

The beginning 

Beginning of the change in life starts from inside your own mind ,

you should evaluate and decide

Who do you want to be ?

What do you want to do ?

Why do you want to do it ?

get a piece of paper and answer this questions for your self , write them down  and this will be your



And will set your goals  !


Who are the most important People

for  you ? 

Older M-F couple with glasses
Wedding Family Photos
Who do you care for ?
Who do you love ?
Ask yourself this questions and write them down ,every one of us need to love and to be loved make sure you see that list one a week that will keep you  stay motivated !
Couple's Embrace
People who want
you to be well
Group Picture
People who loves you ?

Your future self

will thank you for the decisions you made today ! 


Is  an essential component for maintaining  good health and happiness trhu moving and breathing you deliver oxygen to your brain ,your hearth, the muscles and every part of your body that needs this vital element to reproduce its cells and sustain life.Process of aging is inevitable in every living creature ,but there is a way for us to control and slow it as much as we can .Picking up your favorite activity will help you stay motivated and slowly become healthier and happier person shows numerous studies that 150 minutes of moderate activity weekly will reduce your stress levels , and is nessesery for each person to maintain  regardless age ,ability and  status we all need to continuing doing it .So consider workouts and implant them in your daily routine  


Strong food , 

strong body ,

strong mind ,

strong Life !

Food and nutrition

Big part in our lives depends on the foods that we chose and the nutritions that they consist to sustain a healthy and happy lives we need to carefully pay attention to every bite that enters our body's and how affect us specifically.

Removing all the process food from your diet is vital for your wellbeing ,that can change your body from overweight  and obese to normal that function and serve your needs and desires .So you should consider replacing all the unhealthy ,frozen and processed foods with a fresh ,lean and organic as much as you can to balance your diet and monitor the reactions of your own body .

our organism is a perfect created machine that will regulate and replenish itself as long as we treat it as it is .


Behaivior and Habits

Ones you get in line your emotions ,desires and clarify your goals you will be a  master of your thoughts and respectfully your behaviors ,that will give you the ability to create a vision for your future self and begin building a habits that serve in your own interest .Remember to be able to help others first you should be able to help yourself and that will be thru continuum of actions ,every day when you wake up you should see the world as the first day of your entire life .

so begin with eating fresh food rich in nutrients that will vitalize and help your body to be strong ,stronger then yesterday , body that will allow you to go thru the day with confidence and compassion .


New Future 

Ones you removed the toxins of your life  all the unhealthy habits as drinking alcohol every day ,smoking marihuana ,smoking cigarettes ,eating prossesed foods ,eating sugar ,watching TV for hours and etc. all of them had have been dragging you away from the healthy ,proactive ,positive life that you deserved and always dream of that will start a new era of your life. Mental clarity will come as well as taking responsibility for the situation the you live in ,allowing yourself to thrive and succeed .Getting to the shape that you always wanted to ,realizing that life could be better and you could be on the driver's seat of controlling it.Slowly positivity will begin to be part of your life and people around you will feel this good energy and motivation that consistently will allow you to be better every day and gain confidence and will be the first day of your future .


Build up your positivity

Beginning your new positive life full of confidence and gratitude ,compassion and determination will open doors in your mind that have been long closed and then you will be able to create your dreams change your attitude , than your diet , than your body .Beieng positive is important part of the process , because of the vibrations that are going you emit and receive from the other people and every living matter that there is  .Keeping the  positive thoughts is essential to  project positive life and receive positive results  into your life . Don't forget that everything that comes to your life start inside your mind first .

How you react to the outside world matter the most ,because a lot of thing in life happened that you can not change ,but the only thing you can do is change the way you react to them.