Muscle Building


What are the most successful strategies ? 


WHAT DO I need to do ?

How much muscle I CAN  GAIN ?

The beginning  

This is an exiting goal ! Everything start in your head and the idea of building muscle should stay there 24/7 with every aspect of your life from how you working out what do you eat  ? how much do you sleep ? and that will certainly affect your lifestyle . So prepare your self to eat frequently ,sleep more and workout harder than you are used to.On this page I will show you how muscle building will become a process that need your attention and effort.

General Adaptation syndrome

That is a universal formula developed over the past 60 years or so that apply to many aspects of our lives ,but in exercise that is 4 phases formula that will help you understand the processes that occur in your body.

Phase 1 is Alarm phase (fight or flight ) that your body is releasing huge amount of epinephrine (adrenaline ) hormone and cortisol hormone  , acute fatigue is occurring as a normal short-term reaction to placed stress on the body .If adequate recovery followed we are able to enter the second phase 2 Resistance (adaptation) when the system return to base line or homeostasis and performance doesn't change dramatically ,during this phase physiological adaptation are made .After proper recovery the third phase 3 Supercompensation can take place where performance can exceed the levels of baseline . Supercompensation refers to resulting in an increased performance capacity. To ensure optimal training adaptations and benefits, the next training stimulus must be imposed during the supercompensation phase. And if adequate or insufficient recovery doesn't follow is likely to go to the 4th phase Overtraining (exhaustion ) .


Very important part of muscle building is timing from interval in between the meals you consume to the rest intervals between your sets in the gym .Timming is one of the most important components to understand and ajust in your journey. Let's start with the meal timing for your goals you should strictly follow a 2-3 h frame between meals ,protein intake should be consistant thru out the entire day from the moment you wake up till you go to bed you should have small intake of protein that are easy to digest by the digestive tract and respectfully your muscles ,any excess intake of food will be wasted or turn into body fat ,that you won't need to waste resources ,but just timing better .

Timing in the gym or your rest intervals should be 45-60 sec at the most just enough to recuperate ATP-PC energy source that shows the best results of hypertrophy ,not like a strength or power adaptations of long rest intervals .If you want to build maximum muscle you deffinetly have to look closely to that.

Timing your day and sleep to get maximum of your body ,you have to sleep as much as 8-9 hours and don't make any exusses about it . Natural human growth hormone is released during the ( REM ) stage of the sleep and you`ll need lots of it in order to recover and grow as well as manage maximal levels to testosterone both hormones are very important for the muscle growth.


Nutrition means all the food that you consume thru out the day , 

should be very well understand and manage a healthy levels and quality of nutrition .if you want to gain quality muscle mass you should consider eating organic foods and exclude process foods from oneself diet that will allow you to stay healthy and support all the systems in your body that need you.It`s important to understand caloric surplus is the only way for you to build that muscle mass meaning to consume more calories (600-1000 kcal ) than you use in your everyday live. For ultimate muscle building you need to adapt a balance diet in witch protein are between 30-40 % of the overall food ,30-40 % carbs and 20-30 % fats (good fats ).  So make sure you have a quality source of food that will give you the gains you want in the time you want and stay healthy. Preparing your meals will simply make your life easy and get you to your goals without the unconviniece of looking for food every two hours .Build your regime and follow thru it could be a game changer .Have a small portion of nutrition every 2-3 hours and see how your gains are coming.


According to your goals this is very important part of muscle building ,because sport supplement will give you that final touch in your routine and will complete your diet as well as improve your performance exercising .A quality vitamins ,amino acids (essentials and BCAA ) and protein (Whey and Complex ) are nessesery to get to the next level in your journey .As well energetic boosters as caffein ,creatine , pre - workouts and fat burners will give you an edge and increase your motivation following your better performance and give in feeling of self accomplishment. Also suplements az Omega 3's ,Zinc, Magnesium ,Glutamine ,Arginine ,and herbal compounds will help you get the maximum of your recovery and support you natural hormonal levels to stay up that will have a positive impact on your goals. 

So get your self a few and make sure your nutrition is complete fist ,cause you can't rely on supplements if your diet is incomplete and eating process food will make your journey impossible ,just don't have enough to support your body and even will harm you more than will help.

Efford and intensity

It is important to understand that goal of muscle building is the hardest and most complex of them all .So YOU need to get on top of many components and control them while giving 110% of your self in the gym .But nothing will work if you don't give  the best efford you can so on every exercise, every set , every rep you should be there pushing your limits to get better and improve yourself .Your efforts are the only thing that will guranteed you muscle grow and  success .Intensity is coming together with effort because  this is what make the difference between you and every other person who is there to tone there body or lose fat. You should be going like a machine thru the workout just staying focused on the tasks and continue set after set to bring your best efford . 

Consistency and focus

Some of the final aspect of bulking or building muscle is consistency ,you really need to be prepared for this mentaly and physcally will take time until you see the results I know that could be frustrating and demotivational ,but the reality is if you want to get bigger ,stronger or to advance in every aspect of life consistency and focus and main parts of it.Keep your eyes on the prize and stay motivated .Don`t give up and continue with your efforts no matter how hard might be and believe me it will be like that some times ,don `t  hesitate to talk to some of the people you look up to and get back in your tracks ,because results are coming and will be the most rewarding thing you have ever done .Your body slowly will adopt to the weight you place on and the meals you eat to support recovery process and you will build strong and muscalar physique that you ever wanted .Going thru the process will give you lots of self respect and self awareness ,it will provide you with amazing boost in confidence and you will be motivated like never before ,self development is the only sure thing that guaranteed will improve your life ,happiness and wellbeing.

So get yourself prepeard with  meals, workouts ,motivation ,suplements ,organize your day and wish you good luck in the most amazing journey that will be.

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