Suplement guide 

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Supplements guide

Nowadays with the evolution of sport and science supplement nutritions are big part of the fitness industry and sports .They enhance performance and complete the ones diet ,some of them are nessesery ,other a helpful and some simply don't work .Thanks to science now we have a lot of clarity of how exactly everyone of the supplement is working and affecting our bodies .In this page will introduce and explore some of the best supplements out there ,that will change your performance and improve your diet and wellbeing. 

Top 5 supplements

This 5 supplement will improve your health and revitalize your day.

Vitamins and Minerals

Lack of vitamins and minerals will inhibit your performance and food digestion ,diet that includes big amounts of process foods deffinetly need to increase vitamins and mineral intake. Being careful with them is important too , taking a multivitamins supplement will reduce the risk of certain types of cancers and certain chronic deseses .Anyway being careful and not taking too much of it its as important ,in fact some of them like Vitamin A,D,E have a tolerable upper intake that is healthy and if you over take will have a negative effects.A Daily intake of most multivitamin supplements should be safe and beneficial.If you have any chronic or medical condition you should first see you doctor to discuss that with .


This is the most effective and most comment suplement used by pretty much every athlete and performer .Creatine is a natural synthesized compound in the human body from the amino acid methionine,glycine and arginine. In the skeletal muscle creatine can rapidly regenerate ATP(adenosine triphosphate ) from ADP (adenosine diphosphate ) and maintain high intensity muscular effort for about 10-15 sec.When combined with strength training program results in increasing the muscle mass ,strength and anaerobic performance .The typical dose require a 5-7 days of boost period (15-25 grams per day ) followed by 4-10 gr daily to sustain maximal levels .Intitialy result in weight gain of 4-10 lbs. mostly by osmotic effect drawing water into the muscle cells and increase muscle protein syntesis .Consuming a creatine with carbohydrate can enhance the performance even better than without .Naturally can be found in animal food and red meat .In has and been reported to improve the brain function as well. Precation should be used by people with

kidney problems .  

There are few different types of creatine supplements like :
  • Monohydrate

  • Kre-Alkalin

  • Ethyl Ester 

  • Tri-Creatine Malate

  • Buffered Creatine 

  • Micronized Creatine

  • Liquid Creatine 

  • Conjugated 

  • Creatine Citrat 


That is very command crucial element of your recovery process that every lifter should consider part of it's diet .Protein are responsible for most of the work in the cell and are required for structure ,function and regulation of the bodies tissue and organs .There are a building material for muscles, bones ,enzymes,hormones and skin almost every process of building or recovery requires protein .As a supplement there different types of protein as Whey ,Casein , Albumin , Isolate ,Blends of them all witch are with different time of digetion .Protein is constructred of a whole chains of amino acids binder toghether .Most of the protein should come from the meal plan that you follow ,even you might included as a separate intake from a suplement form before and after workout because of its fast digestion Whey protein is best 1 hour before workout ,and blended proteins are best right after the workout or before bed . 

Amino acids and BCAA

Amino acids are building blocks of protein in your body there 20 pathogenic amino acids that all contain Hydrogen (H) , Oxygen (O) , Carbon ( C) , Nitrogen (N) and a group scpecific for each one of them .They are conected in a peptide chains for numerous functions in the body .Essential amino acid are extracted from the food and they are : *valine, *leucine, *isoleucine, histidine,tryptophan ,methionin, phenilanine , threnionine , lysine , 

and Non- Essential amino acids  that are syntesized  by your body : 

Alanine,Arginine ,Asparagine ,Cysteine, Glutamic Acid ,Glutamine ,Glycine,Proline , Serine,Tyrosine.Branched chain Amino acids or *(BCAA) have important function of increasing proteins and serving as energy source during exercise .

As a supplement is good to consider taking Amino and BCAA as a different substances before ,during and after a workout will improve your performance and protect your muscle from catabolic process .


Omega 3,(6,9)

Omega`s are essential and non-essential oils containing fatty acids ,as we know that fatty acids have numerous healthy effects on our body as part of the cell membrane they have a important role in our cardio-vascular health ,promote normal brain function ,reducing inflamation ,decreasing liver fat, preventing dementia ,prompting bone density.Omega-3's polysaturated  contain this tree very important fatty acids (ALA) ,(EPA) , (DHA) . See of them are contain in foods like fish, seeds , oils ,avocados ,olives .Omega  6 are polyunsaturated and essential containing  (ARA) important for the immune system , (CLA) is type tf omega 6 and report of metabolic balance and reducing body fat   .Omega 9 are non-essential monosaturated and  the body can produce them ,they also have antiinflamation qualities as well as insulin sensititity and metabolic benefits.

The proper ration between Omega 3,6,9 is 2:1:1 or 3:1:1 and if you consider taking any of them begin with every day Omega 3`s as most important ones. 

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